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As a leading Smart Cities Accelerator Program, we look for companies from anywhere in the world that are seeking to take advantage of our phenomenal opportunities. Check out our services below and find out how we can help positively impact the trajectory of your startup.

Creative Working

We believe civic innovation is an essential exercise of community empowerment. To intentionally foster civic innovation, including equity-related projects, we've developed this program to give innovators the space, network, and support to realize success.

The Housing Data Project analyzes how the housing market in Charlottesville has evolved over the past 20 years from 2000 to 2019. It hopes to produce tools that better understand how real estate values have changed and the potential impact that it has had on the local community.

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Public Speaker

Coalition Systems Management

We work to ensure equitable, inclusive, and diverse participation for community members engaging in coalition-based work. We facilitate work groups to establish the vision and design process of the project, develop and manage the action plan, collect and report progress to stakeholders, implement systems to manage the project, and collect and share data. If you are engaging with the community and would like to learn more about our services leveraging empowered communities and data, contact us.

Based in the University of Virginia School of Architecture, this project grapples with the challenges that smart cities create for local communities. We are engaging residents in the planning process, rather than implementing technologies without community input. We are working toward an infrastructural art installation that allows technology to be in service of communities by surfacing data about the urban environment. Imagine - for example, pedestrian-scaled lighting that changes color when there is more air pollution or dimmer when there is less noise.

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The Charlottesville Action Network Map empowers citizens to solve problems for their communities, and prepare institutions to respond in a way that ensures meaningful and equitable participation. As this database continues to grow so will our chances and opportunities for success as a community.

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