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What the Charlottesville Action Network Map means to CCI

The Center for Civic Innovation was founded on the idea that collaboration within the community leads to success with tackling complex problems in our area. CCI believes everyone should have a seat at the table when important decisions and topics regarding the community are being made. Additionally, so many community-based organizations work independently and are often unaware that there are neighboring groups who share the same interests and passions. Currently there is an information-gap that stunts civic innovation, as well as civic collaboration. The Charlottesville Action Network Map (CANM) works to close this gap.

Over the past 8 weeks, Graham, Selena, and myself had the opportunity and privilege to discover all the resources available to Charlottesville community members. People are coming together to address environmental issues, racial inequities, economic disparities, homelessness, access to childcare, and so many other issues in which the CCI and Charlottesville Community as a whole are passionate about addressing. With over 300+ organizations in our Network Map, we can connect and build relationships across organizations and increase collaboration efforts. If organizations, or even individuals have innovative ideas on how to address an issue in our community, the Charlottesville Action Network Map provides someone to reach out towards and turn ideas into action. The CANM can be used on a large scale when planning community events or town halls, but it can also be used for smaller matters that are just as important. Through CANM, families can find childcare, a place to ensure where their next meal is coming from, job opportunities, transportation to their job, and even help finding a more permanent home. Just like the Center for Civic Innovation, the Charlottesville Action Network Map was created to help and support everyone.

The Charlottesville Action Network Map empowers citizens to solve problems for their communities, and prepare institutions to respond in a way that ensures meaningful and equitable participation. As this database continues to grow so will our chances and opportunities for success as a community.


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