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Seeking Fellowship Coaches

Our 2021 fellowship cohort will begin working together next month, and we’re seeking coaches to amplify the success of the program.

The main purpose of our fellowship is to inspire civic innovators in our community. The more we support residents as co-creators in our community, the more our community will evolve into the dynamic and equitable place we aspire to be. We also hope to introduce fellows to the ways human-centered technology and data can support their existing goals, and then help them find resources to implement such solutions.

Our coaching teams play a key role in making the fellowship a success. The role of the coaches is to connect the fellows with civic and career networks and to ask non-judgmental questions to help projects grow. You’ll also support fellows when things seem hard and cheer them on when they find successes.

If you’re interested and sharing your time and access to your professional network to make the fellows’ work a success, then we would love to hear from you.

Not sure if you’re right for the role? Let's chat!

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